bigstock_Helping_Hand_1388168The Cost of Success

A study released by by Inspire Foundation and EY, Crossroads: Rethinking the Australian mental health system, found that, under the current system with its focus on clinical services, the cost of success would be high, requiring at least $9 billion over 15 years, and an additional 8,800 professionals.




Apple and tape measureEating Disorders an Epidemic among Homosexual Men

According to the International Journal of Eating Disorders, there is a three times greater likelihood for gay men to have a clinical eating disorder than for heterosexuals. The study says 15 percent of homosexual or bisexual males in the U.S. have struggled with such eating habit disorders as bulimia, binge eating, and anorexia. Of men overall who have an eating disorder, 42 percent of them are homosexual or bisexual.




bigstock-Beautiful-Sad-Teenage-Girl-302250Brain Development Provides Insights in to Adolescent Depression

A new study led by the University of Melbourne and Orygen Youth Health Research Centre is the first to discover that the brain develops differently in adolescents who experience depression. These brain changes also represent possible risk factors for developing depression during teenage years.





bigstock_Help_button_concept_17049809Survey Finds More People Willing to Disclose Mental Health Problems

A new survey has found that people are more willing to disclose having a mental health problem and receiving treatment.

The survey, led by Orygen Youth Health Research Centre in collaboration with the University of Melbourne in Australia, also found improved knowledge and beliefs about mental health problems within the community…




bigstock-Woman-Having-A-Serious-Talk-Wi-13896974Suicide Warning Signs – Red Flags to look for in Loved Ones

Suicide claims as many as 30,000 Americans every year, according to In a new study outlining mental health among military personnel, researchers made note of certain red flags that may increase a person’s chance for engaging in the behavior.

Published in JAMA Psychiatry, the study found that approximately one in four active-duty soldiers who have not yet been deployed already have some type of diagnosable mental condition, and that one in three military personnel who attempt to to commit suicide have a pre-existing psychiatric disorder…


207412-3x2-340x227Australia’s Mental Health System not meeting demand, should focus on self-help: Report

A new report is calling for a major re-think of Australia’s mental health system, which it says is not meeting demand.

The Crossroads report was prepared by Ernst and Young and the ReachOut online youth mental health service for the Inspire Foundation.




New Study into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder starts at Greenslopes Private Hospital

[A] Caloundra resident, who served in Vietnam from 1967-68, was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2008 and is now taking part in groundbreaking research with The Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation at Greenslopes Private Hospital…




bigstockphoto_Sad_Woman_552129[1]Workplace Stress the next target for BeyondBlue after survey finds one in four think depressed people are a danger to others

Discriminating attitudes towards people with a mental illness have decreased  over the past decade, but many Australians still believe people with depression  are dangerous, ”weak-willed” and have themselves to blame for their  condition.



Altered StateBipolar Disorder is not a Character Flaw: Psychiatrist

When television producer Adam Boland spoke out recently about having bipolar disorder, the nation got a glimpse into what it was like to suffer from the debilitating mood disorder.

But as one psychiatrist told SBS, people who have bipolar are still stigmatised and misunderstood…



TYM LogoHow do Teens ‘Tune Your Mood’

‘“What kind of music do you like?”

This is a question that I ask and certain of getting more than a grunt from a young person.’

This month’s opinion article was provided by Carmen Cheong Clinch, a music therapist, who recently completed her PhD on how young people with a mental illness engage with their music.  Carmen is the Project Creator of Tune Your Mood which will run from April 28 – May 16 this year.