Researchers Predict Which Teens Will Binge Drinkbigstockphoto_Alcoholic Woman_2876341

In a new international study, researchers say it is possible to predict which teens will binge-drink. The findings, published in the journal Nature, show that factors such as life experience, personality, and brain structure are strong factors linked to future alcohol misuse.


AeroplaneTwin Malaysia Airlines MH370, MH17 Aviation Disasters Create Phobia Among Travellers

Four incidents that rocked the global aviation industry in just a span of four months have created the inevitable phobia among air travellers. While Superman did say that air travel is still the safest mode of transportation, the fate of the four airlines doesn’t seem to jive to this testament.


Alzheimer’s Delayed by Caffeine?bigstock_senior_couple_in_love_at_the_p_20377307

Caffeine appears to have a positive effect on so-called “tau deposits” in Alzheimer’s disease, scientists have found. Tau deposits are proteins that, together with beta-amyloid plaques…



Making mindfulness work at workbigstock_Resignation_527483

While there is no mindfulness pill, potion, bottle or lotion … you don’t have to go to an ashram, wear crystals, or make the pilgrimage to a six-week silent retreat in Southern India to achieve the benefits associated with the ‘M’ word.



Earlier treatment better for bipolar patientsbigstockphoto_Sitting_Girl_And_Cat_3565758

Patients with bipolar disorder are more likely to respond to lithium if the treatment is started early in the course of the condition, say researchers.



Two women and a babyExercise Can Change How You See The World

Exercise may leave people feeling less anxious because they perceive their environments as less threatening, a new study suggests.



Why depression should not be secret men’s businessbigstockphoto_Man_In_Depression_5432510

“Since 2003 I have come across a number of players who have suffered from depression both during and after their playing careers. It appears to be a problem that is getting worse both in professional sport and in the general community.” An opinion piece by John Lang, former NRL coach.



AMSANT calls for action to avoid mental health service cutbigstock_Health_Care_Costs_Australia_1437511

While there has been a lot of focus on the federal budget’s potential impact on health services it is easy to forget that there are many health services facing immediate funding issues. AMSANT released the following press release.