bigstockphoto_Mindfulness_1686658Mindfulness protects adults’ health from the impacts of childhood adversity

Adults who were abused or neglected as children are known to have poorer health, but adults who tend to focus on, and accept their reactions to, the present moment—or are mindful—report having better health, regardless of their childhood adversity.


More must be done to help people with mental health problems stay in work

More help is urgently needed to help people with mental health problems stay in their jobs, says the government’s chief medical officer, warning of the toll of mental illness on individuals and the economy.



Men need to know depression is an epidemic 

Depression does not discriminate. And, across the world, there is one suicide every 40 seconds. Do that the math on that; it’s about 3000 each day.




Concerns rise for child anorexia crisis

A new study has revealed that some children as young as eight years old are going to extreme lengths to change their bodies because they are unhappy with their weight.



FIFO workers given new mental health support

FIFO workers and their families now have better access to information on where to get help and support, thanks to a new resource launched by mental health minister, Helen Morton.



Labor promises new youth mental health centre for Townsville

Young people with a severe mental health issue will be treated at a new live-in care centre in Townsville, if Labor wins the next state election. Labor did not detail on Monday how its proposal for the Townsville RESI centre would be funded.