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“Extreme wellness,” or, what we call “hyper wellness” in my business, Restore Cryotherapy, is a growing trend that focuses on building better brains and hacking the body’s basic makeup through new modalities for wellness and health. It is big business, as well: The 2018 Global Wellness Trends Report lists extreme wellness as one of the top 2018 trends in the $3.7 trillion Wellness industry. Examples include everything from DNA and microbiome testing to wilderness adventures that would fill the boldest among us with fear.

While we may not have the chance to climb Mount Everest this year, we can pursue extreme wellness in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the ways we can put the benefits of extreme wellness into our daily routines.

1.Try Extreme Relaxation. You may likely already be covering the basics. A balanced diet, a morning run, and regular trips to the gym do wonders for the body, extending your life and the time with your loved ones by years. But once you’ve mastered these steps, it’s time to push yourself a little bit further by exploring the workouts or therapies that you’ve shied away from before. It’s time to get a little extreme with your relaxation.

Everyone wishes they had a place for quiet, where they can spend a moment or two away from the wild pace of today’s society. A place where they can exist as a singularity in all it’s simplicity with no light, sound, or distractions. This blissful state of mind can be achieved with what’s called sensory deprivation. It’s not a new concept. In fact, it was developed back in 1954 by a man named John C. Lilly as an extreme approach to relaxation. Imagine being totally immersed, floating in saltwater set to match your body temperature with absolutely no stimulus whatsoevr.

2. Rewire Your Brain for Extreme Wellbeing. According to Dr. Jeff Skolnick, in order to obtain optimal happiness we must adapt the concept of extreme wellbeing. To do this, we must learn how to rewire our brains.

What if we could actually rewire our brains to achieve optimal wellbeing? Might there be a secret code or magical switch which that could unlock the shrouded mystery inside our grey matter? According to Dr. Paul Dolan, there may be. In his book, Happiness by Design, he talks about how happiness is nothing more than how we react to external stimuli such as smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound.

We all have thousands of experiences each day and are constantly receiving billions of bits of incoming information, all fighting for a chance at our undivided attention. This field of chaos can become very overwhelming, if we let it. What we forget, however, is how much choice we really do have when it comes to focus. Simply put, if we make the conscious choice to focus on the positive, we have more control over our wellbeing.

In my opinion, there is no cap on wellness. There are perpetually more methods available to pursue to better your body, and you’ll find that happiness and success run parallel with that extra mile.

3.Go on an Extreme Adventure. Extreme sports are not only physically rough on the body, but they’re also challenging for the psyche as well. Whether you’re carving deep snow lines, hopping out of planes, or wrestling for a ball, your body and mind must work together to succeed. These days, more than ever, adrenaline seekers are drawn to challenges that test the limits. Here are nine uncommon and unconventional adventurous ideas that will leave you mentally invigorated and physically refreshed.

  1. Taking an Antarctic excursion
  2. Skiing down K2 or Mt. Everest
  3. Spelunking the world’s monster caves
  4. Scuba diving down the Great Blue Hole
  5. Volcano boarding in Hawaii
  6. Rafting down the Zambezi River
  7. Skydiving in New Zealand onto Fox Glacier
  8. Extreme surfing on the coast of Scandinavia
  9. Yoga in Kathmandu.

Adventure is rarely something that comes knocking on our door. It’s something we have to seek out and search for. And if we don’t go looking for it, it will pass us by and leave us wishing and wanting.

4.Chill Out for Extreme Health. Using controlled exposure to extreme cold as a recovery method for injuries, strengthening the immune system, and reducing inflammation is still a foreign concept to many people. But a concept collegiate and professional athletes know well is rapidly making its way into mainstream wellness as well. Cryotherapy (which I have introduced to some degree in my prior articles)is a specialized variety of cold therapy that offers brief exposure to sub-zero temperatures via walk-in chambers. Evidence suggests that whole body cryotherapy for facials (or support for localized injuries) reduces inflammation and aids in muscle recovery as well as delivering a host of benefits ranging from increased energy and metabolism and better sleep. Beyond the physical benefits, there’s no doubt this increasingly popular treatment is one of the newest modalities that can help us feel awake, alert, and completely alive.

Whether it’s adopting science that changes the way our bodies function or borrowing training and nutrition strategies from collegiate and elite athletes, extreme wellness is here to stay. With just a few steps or as a primary focus it is possible for every executive and organization to achieve your best results yet. 

This piece by David K. Williams was originally published on ‘Forbes’, 21 April 2018. 


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