General News — 01 March 2016

Chris Stapleton proves the power of music in his newest music video for his song, “Fire Away.”

The intense video, directed by Tim Mattia, depicts a young couple in a blissful relationship that takes a turn for the worst. Ben Foster plays the role of the supportive police officer husband to Margarita Levieva’s character, who is suffering from a mental health condition.

While the video begins with what seems like the idyllic relationship between two lovers, the wife soon erupts into constant unstable behavior. Foster tries to comfort her and save her from her unsettling actions, in which Levieva responds with an act of life-threatening self-harm. Set over the singing voice of Stapleton’s raw vocals, the video artistically displays the effects of mental health.

For the video’s storyline, Stapleton teamed up with The Campaign to Change Direction, an organization that focuses on mental health issues and outlines the right steps to get help. The video also structures itself upon the five signs of a potential  mental health condition: personality change, agitation, withdrawal, poor self-care and hopelessness. Through the enlightenment of the video as well as the detailed information provided on the organization’s website, The Campaign to Change Direction hopes to help those in need of changing the perception and culture of mental health issues.

Stapleton and the Campaign put out the powerful music video in hopes to show everyone that it’s OK to always ask for help or find resources in times of mental health crises. For more information, check out The Campaign to Change Direction’s website.

This article first appeared on ‘Sounds Like Nashville’ on 29 February 2016.


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