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Separation is always a matter of pain, no matter what the reason is. This is the same in the case of toddlers as well. There will be various situations during your parenting life when you have to leave your children for one or the other reason.  It can be just a short-term separation like your shopping or a visit to your friend’s circle. bigstockphoto_Mother_And_Daughter_2998697[1]

In some other cases, it can be your return to the workplace or a trip abroad.  Your toddler won’t really understand the reason behind your absence, and are likely to act out their fears in different ways.

Here are some tips that may help you manage the situation.

Say a bye: Do you go out without letting your child know it? Then, probably, you are making a big mistake that may increase you toddler’s separation anxiety. It is better if you can wave a bye to them and get back a sweet kiss. This will make them understand it as a part of the daily routine. They will feel secure knowing that you are going out and will return like how you did the day before.

Make them engaged: Do you know why you are smart in diverting the attention of your toddler when they cry for a toy? This is just because of the fact that toddlers have low memory capacity. Get some ideas to keep your toddler busy while you are away, so that chances are more that they will forget about your absence.

Ensure safety: It is natural that all toddlers are most comfortable when they are with their parents. The major concern for the toddler’s separation anxiety will be about the matter of safety and security. Make sure that your toddler is completely safe when you are away with the one who takes care of them in your absence.

Be strong: It is likely that you will face a tendency to run back to your crying toddler. If you do this, your failure in managing toddler’s separation anxiety is guaranteed! This will be like giving them an assurance that crying can be tried as an idea to get you back home. Resist your temptation for returning to your toddler in response to their crying.

This article first appeared on ‘Bold Sky’ on 14 February 2014.


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