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Drowning in a pool of despair, depression, anxiety, confusion and helplessness is pretty bloody awful. Fighting to keep your head above the water takes maximum strength and effort, however once exhaustion takes over floating to the bottom of that pool of despair can be the only way to get back up again. Rock bottom they call it. I’ve been to Rock Bottom. There is nothing nice to see at Rock Bottom. The only upside is that you can´t fall any further. How do you get back up? This is my personal account.

Firstly, I avoided contact with the influencing factors and I remained surrounded by a small group of people who put out their hand to pull me up. Sleep was the main activity and after a short time I regained some physical and mental strength – enough to get me to a professional trained in depression, whose advice to take anti-depressants proved to be sound. That was the first step.

The medication cleared the fog.The second phase was to rid myself of continuous negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. I used a technique that involved repeating positive affirmations and absorbed myself in some serious reading which gave advice on overcoming sadness and depression. It was like a process of rewiring my brain which had been playing the same melancholic tune for far too long.

The third and final phase was to maintain and work on staying positive and taking control. Choosing to be happy, to smile and to laugh was the right path to choose. The more positive things I thought the more positive the world became. Moreover, living a life on Happiness Street has to be an easier path thn living on Misery Lane. I’m a strong believer in the power of positive thinking. Believe and trust in yourself. It’s your life and you can make it a happy one.

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