General News — 22 March 2017

bigstock_Police_57729Canobolas Local Area Command’s (LAC) latest anti-drug campaign isn’t about catching culprits but preventing people resorting to crime.

The ‘Not Our Way’ campaign has been developed by NSW Police’s Aboriginal community liaison officers and elders.

It’s been designed specifically for the Aboriginal community.

It will answer questions about crystal methamphetamine also known as ice and prescription drug abuse from members of the city’s Aboriginal community.

“People think that because (prescription drugs) are legal, then taking those drugs is okay. If you take any prescription drugs which are not prescribed, it is illegal,” the LAC’s Aboriginal issues officer Inspector Linda Bradbury said.

 “Many prescription drugs use opiates which are related to prohibited drugs.”

In Orange, drug and alcohol specialists, Lyndon admitted 1300 people in 12 months, up to 13 per cent reported opiates including prescription medications and heroin as their drug of concern.

“We don’t want people to think because it’s a police campaign, that it will be dealt with from a legal standpoint,” Inspector Bradbury said.

“It’s only open to the Aboriginal community and it’s not about catching people out.

“It’s a way of putting information out to the community so they can get help. There’s a lot of people and a lot of service to help people, users, families and mobs.”

Inspector Bradbury said at the LAC’s last quarterly meeting with the Aboriginal community there were questions on what they could do to help those affected by the drugs.

“It looks to raise awareness of ice abuse and abuse of prescription drugs like fentanyl,” she said.

“Drug use snowballs, it’s a habit which needs to be maintained and when it goes outside people’s means, they turn to crime to support it”

Inspector Bradbury said the campaign would be supported by drug, alcohol and mental health specialists from the Orange Aboriginal Medical Service and the Orange Health Service.


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