General News — 16 February 2016

The University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural and Remote says a new multi-million dollar funding commitment will help further develop services for people who live outside big cities.

The NSW Government’s committed $19 million over five years to the centre, which is based in Orange.

The money will also be used to deliver the Rural Adversity Mental Health program, that is designed to help people to access services.

The centre’s Trevor Hazell said the funding was a big win for the mental health of rural communities.

“That will help develop the kinds of mental health services that are appropriate for people who live outside of the main metropolitan areas of NSW, where there is a relative scarcity of specialist services in particular,” he said.

Mr Hazell said people in remote communities faced different and often complex mental health issues and needed specialist services.

“Which is designed to help people who have a need for any kind of service that might help their mental health,” Mr Hazell said.

“To link them up with the services that they need, because what we know is that many people have experienced symptoms of mental illness, but not everyone knows there are services that are appropriate for their particular illness.”

This article first appeared on ‘ABC’ on 11 February 2015.


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