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INSTAGRAM sensation Sjana Earp says social media helped her recover from depression and she now uses the platform to try to inspire others.

Miss Earp, 21, of Merewether, posted a heartfelt video on YouTube in which she called for the stigma of mental illness to end, while encouraging discussion of the topic.

“It’s important to point out that I no longer struggle with those demons,” she told the Newcastle Herald.

“I am now one of the happiest people and I wake up every day truly excited about what the day will bring.”

Miss Earp said she could understand the way others with depression were feeling “because I have been there in the past”.

“I am well aware of the need to be surrounded by more positive messages and vibes, if you are in that mindset,” she said.

“I know how impossible it can feel to see or find your own positivity.”

As well as having more than a million followers on Instagram, Miss Earp has a blog called Smyle – Secrets To Make Your Life Exceptional.

“I strive to provide the kind of positivity, kindness and inspiration that I needed in the hope it will help someone else bring the same kind of sunshine into their own life,” she said.

She said this could be an inspiring quote or capturing and sharing the world’s beauty in a photo or motivating people to become more active and make healthier choices.

Her social-media presence was about “empowering others, spreading kindness and messages of acceptance”.

She sought to help others to “seek their own happiness and joy”, adding that social media had the potential to be “a source of inspiration and motivation for health and happiness”.

This article first appeared on ‘Eyre Tribune’ on 6 December 2015.


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