News In Mind August 2014

Michelle BridgesMichelle Bridges talks the black dog and Biggest Loser

As Australia’s most renowned personal trainer Michelle Bridges knows what can come from exercise.

She is the picture of health with a washboard stomach, muscular thighs and perfectly taught arms that show no signs of tuckshop flab, but Australia’s favourite fitness fanatic says she’s not really in it for the abs.




Online Mental Health for Same Sex Attracted Youth

Swinburne University of Technology, Federation University Australia and Deakin University have developed an online wellbeing program aimed specifically at gay and lesbian youth aged 18-25.



Yoga Shown to Boost Brain Power in Older Adults


Sedentary older adults who began practicing hatha yoga three times a week for eight weeks experienced a boost in working memory, according to a new study by the University of Illinois.

The research, published in The Journals of Gerontology Series: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, is one of the first studies to investigate the effects of yoga movement on the cognitive processes.




Exercise for mental health: a no brainer?iStock_000016335736Medium

The physical health benefits of exercise are well researched and understood. But what do we really know about exercise and it’s effect on our mental health?

We’re always being told to do more exercise because of the masses of evidence it wards off a host of nasty illnesses. But if you’re someone who uses a good walk, run or gym workout to shake off stress or lift a low mood, there’s some science on your side too.


New Online Forums to Support People Living With Mental Illness

Help on keyboardSupport for people living with mental illness and their family, friends and carers is the focus of two new online forums launched in Canberra today by the Minister for Health, Peter Dutton.

Minister Dutton said the SANE Australia Online Forums would help people by giving them trusted and anonymous access to reliable mental health information, advice and referrals.



In Quest for Work-Life Balance, Men Tend to Win Out_20131111200010443499-620x349

A new study shows that when asking for flexible work arrangements, especially for childcare-related reasons, men are more likely to have an advantage.



Psychiatrists split on whether to ditch DSM

young female doctorHow much do we really know about the causes of mental illness and how it should be treated? As Antony Funnell reports, there’s a growing rift within the field of psychiatry over the effectiveness of traditional mental health treatment, with some practitioners declaring it’s time to throw out the diagnostic handbook and start again from scratch.

There has long been a contradiction at the heart of psychiatry.


Tinkering With Genes to Prevent Migraines


Two new drugs in promising clinical trials use genetic engineering to prevent migraine headaches, the third most common and seventh most disabling medical disorder in the world.

Both use genetically engineered “monoclonal antibodies” attacking a new target in migraine prevention, a small protein known as the calcitonin gene-related peptide, or CGRP.