April 2015

News in Mind – April 2015 – Selected Articles

‘I feel like I’m dying’: the effects of panic attacks and anxiety – and how to overcome them Come on, you can do this. Just keep it together. You’ve been practising all night, you’ll be fine. Why haven’t they arrived yet? This room is too small. Oh God it’s happening again. Heart is racing and chest is tight. I won’t be able to speak, I’ll faint, I’m going to run around the room screaming and then everyone will realise what a freak I am. I have to get out of here now. That is the day I walked out of a job interview, one which I really wanted, minutes before it began. I had (what I now know) was a panic attack, the worst of my life. images




Mental health sufferers more likely to turn to drugs & alcohol – study Patients suffering from mental health problems are up to 10 times more likely to use alcohol and drugs, according to a Norwegian study. The researchers also discovered young people in early stages of schizophrenia are acutely prone to substance abuse.  cannabis-448661_1280




Shocking toll of social media on girls’ mental health Sexualised images of women in advertising and social media are leading to an increase in emotional problems among young girls, new figures suggest. Girls aged between 11 and 13 are now more likely to worry, lack confidence or feel nervous than they were five years ago because they feel under pressure.images




Key findings of mental health review National Mental Health Review: Key Recommendations.imagesBHEAUXWZ




How a visual cliché about mental health can slip through A “headclutcher” is a type of stock picture often – too often, according to campaigning charities – used to illustrate stories about mental ill health. An example in the Guardian accompanied an article on 7 April with the headline “How not to talk to somebody with depression”. The picture, of a young man sitting with his head in his hands, was changed – following complaints below the line – to one of a young woman looking out of a window, which also drew criticism.bigstockphoto_Man_In_Depression_5432510