October Wrap Up

Opinion Articles this month:


The Power of Positivity in Social MediaPhillipa Spork

‘Today we are all here to acknowledge World Mental Health Awareness Week. Around the world today, social media will be buzzing with education, awareness and advocacy for mental health and the possibility of positive outcomes. Cyber space will be buzzing with mantras for improving global mental health.’ Read more.


This speech was presented during Mental Health Week 2015 by Philippa Spork, award winning author of Rules of Social Engagement, a business mentor and speaker specialising in social content marketing.



In other news:

Depression inspires Penny to create ‘Motivating Giraffe’ MG

“The world we live in is not nice a lot of the time. The internet is also full of things that are not nice. I guess Motivational Giraffe is a way to spread something kindness instead of cruelty, love instead of hatred, encouragement instead of criticism. It’s nice to make something good.”



$12m to rebuild mental health care for youth in Qld: Howard girls-777471_1280

Mental health services remained in the spotlight this week with Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard addressing Parliament yesterday on the government’s commitment to support services in regional areas. During Mental Health Week last week, Health Minister Cameron Dick unveiled the Queensland Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention Plan 2015-17, which aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Queenslanders by taking early action.


Birth order effect on personality theory debunked

There is no such thing as a typical firstborn, middle child or baby of the family according to a study that debunks the idea that personality is determined by birth order. German researchers analysed data from 20,000 people from three nations in the most comprehensive and largest study to date on the issue.

Mums who put their kids to bed early have better mental health

Children who get to sleep early are more likely to have better health but – perhaps even more importantly – also much happier, healthier mums, according to new Australian research.

More than a third of Christians have suffered mental health issues

More than a third of Christians have suffered mental health issues, according to a survey by Christian Research to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

Can Washing Dishes Help Relieve Stress?

 A new study finds that washing the dishes in a meaningful way may actually calm the mind and relieve stress.