Research — 17 July 2015

Most Australians continue to experience stress in their daily lives, including a whopping 99 per cent of those aged 18 to 19.

Lifeline’s National Stress Poll 2015 found 90 per cent felt some stress from at least one of five factors – work, finances, thoughts about the future, health and personal relationships.

“With such high rates of mental illness and suicide in Australia, Lifeline believes it is important to have a conversation about what these figures mean for the community, and what we can do to combat them,” said the organisation’s chairman John Brogden.

 “We need to ask ourselves, for example, why 99 per cent of people aged 18-19 are experiencing stress, or why four in 10 Australians are still experiencing a lot of stress.”

The annual survey, which began in 2008, showed the percentage of people who had some stress was slightly down from last year and below the peak in 2011.

Women are generally more stressed, with 46 per cent experiencing a lot of stress compared with 35 per cent of men.

Being single is generally more stressful than being in a relationship, with 34 per cent of partnered people experiencing a lot of stress, compared with 52 per cent of single or 48 per cent of separated people.


* Work, 50 per cent a little stress, 24 per cent a lot;

* Thoughts about the future, 52 per cent a little, 18 per cent a lot;

* Finances, 47 per cent a little, 22 per cent a lot;

* Health, 47 per cent a little, 12 per cent a lot; and

* Personal relationships, 36 per cent a little, eight per cent a lot.

This article first appeared on ‘9 News’ on 17 July 2015.


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