Research — 19 June 2013

Health professionals treating depression rate self-help therapies as more useful, and antidepressants as less useful, than they did 16 years ago, Australian research shows.

A survey of 1500 GPs, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne, showed around 90% of all three professions endorsed becoming more physically active as helpful for treating depression.

In 1996 when the survey was first conducted, 79% of GPs, 87% of clinical psychologists but only 55% of psychiatrists endorsed more physical activity as helpful.

However, the helpfulness of antidepressants for treating depression declined over 16 years from 98% to 80% for GPs, 98% to 80% for psychiatrists, and 89% to 59% for clinical psychologists.

As first appeared in Medical Observer. Source: Aust N Z J Psychiatry 2013; online 15 May


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