Sector News — 23 January 2014

Child protection workers are receiving special training to deal with  methamphetamine users, as concerns about the drug ice and its devastating impact  on Victorian communities grows.

The Department of Human Services says it is training front-line staff  to  engage ”safely and effectively” with people under the influence  of  methamphetamine, or ice.

Concerns about the drug have also prompted the department to distribute  guidelines drawn up by the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. ”The  guidelines cover what to do before, during, and after contact with a person  using methamphetamines, and provide information on appropriate risk assessment,  risk prevention, de-escalation and control techniques,” a department  spokesman  said.

Anglicare Victoria general manager of family and community services David  Giles said overburdened child protection workers were unable to always intervene  in cases of children living with ice users.