Stigma Reduction — 25 March 2014

The stigma long linked with mental health problems has started to ease, a report from Beyondblue has revealed.

Released on Monday, the depression monitor report found the perception of mental health problems had steadily fallen over the past decade.

It found since 2004, the number of respondents who believe people with severe depression were “unpredictable” fell 10%.bigstock-depression-teen-girl-cried-lon-27260714

The report also showed a 6% cent fall in the number of respondents saying people with depression had themselves to blame for the problem.

However a quarter of respondents still said people “should pull themselves together”, with one in seven saying they were “weak-willed”.

Beyondblue chief executive Kate Carnell said the results were encouraging but it was “still alarming” that one in four respondents still thought people with depression were dangerous.

“This feeds into discriminatory attitudes and the stigma associated with depression, which often stops people getting the help they need because they feel embarrassed or ashamed,” she said.

This article first appeared on The Chronicle on 24 March, 2014.


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