Our busy schedules don’t always allow us to drop into a much-needed gym or therapy session. but that’s no excuse to make your personal wellness any less of a priority.

5 wellness apps to help you cultivate positive mental health
5 wellness apps to help you cultivate positive mental health

Luckily, there’s an app for almost everything, including meditation, mindfulness, and self-care as whole. Here are 5 wellness apps to help you cultivate positive mental health and get you through your day in the best way possible.


Awaken teaches meditation through a series of audio-guided practices, which draw from classic mindfulness philosophy and focus on contemplating real life: Work, relationships, habits, and especially culture and politics – with a focus on unearthing our inner wisdom and applying it to our lives. The app features a social media approach to mindfulness practice, ending each session with a journal prompt and a news feed of responses. 

Awaken is a new kind of meditation app that combines mindfulness practice, contemplation, and journaling.

The apps approach applies Buddhist philosophy to our entire lives and employs a social networking approach to encourage community and conversation.

2.Simple Habit

The Simple Habit meditation app
The Simple Habit meditation app

Simple Habit is a free meditation app that offers just that through its five-minute meditation sessions designed to provide a brief respite at any point in your demanding schedule. Calling itself “a daily vacation for your mind,” Simple Habit is goal- and situation-based meditation for busy people.

Simple Habit was created by Yunha Kim, who understood the pressures of a demanding work life all too well. She found mediation to be an amazing way to refocus and center herself.

Meditation, the practice of focusing on your breath to reach a heightened awareness of your current thoughts, emotions, and environment, has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus, boost creativity, and cultivate compassion. At its core, meditation is about calming the mind and bringing you back to the present, so if you feel like you could benefit from this, Simple Habit can help you out.


The Shine app
The Shine app

Shine’s main focus is on personal growth, motivational messaging and other self-improvement topics, which are delivered by way of text and audio. Through short-form audio, users can get help across a number of areas, including things like productivity, mindfulness, focus, stress and anxiety, burn out, acceptance, self-care for online dating, creativity, forgiveness, work frustrations and more.

The app also sends daily motivational texts based on research-backed materials that help users better understand the topic at hand.

Shine is like a best friend and self-help guru rolled into one neat package,


Lifesum App
Lifesum App

Lifesum is a general wellness app that does everything from letting you share healthy recipes, to helping you track your progress at the gym, to reminding you to drink enough water. In general, it helps promote a healthier lifestyle and keeps you on track with your health goals.

Lifesum is free to download, but you can purchase a three-month, six-month, or annual subscription.

5.My Possible Self

My Possible Self app
My Possible Self app

My Possible Self is an app which sets out to make those difficult, necessary conversations about your own mental health much easier.

The app starts with a preliminary questionnaire assessing how you’re feeling, asking you to rate variables such as your recent levels of energy, ability to concentrate and confidence out of ten. 

From there, you can build a customised plan, and work through self-help modules designed to help your release any anxiety that comes from stress and change, using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), problem-solving therapy, positive psychology and interpersonal therapy.

The app also encourages you to learn more about your specific triggers, unhealthy practices and tools for maintaining a more manageable lifestyle.

This piece by Ntianu Obiora was first seen on ‘Pulse Nigeria‘, 4 January 2019.


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