Therapies — 04 October 2012

A not-for-profit group has set up counselling and support services in three central Queensland pubs.

Donna Hita from Ozcare says local GPs, psychologists and sportspeople are involved in the free program which is being held in Rockhampton this month.

She says men are often reluctant to seek help on issues like mental health and the ‘Talking it Up in the Pub’ program is a way of making support services more accessible.

“Men don’t have that same sort of outlet for their feelings, I guess, so we thought we would take this to where the men might feel more comfortable so we decided to take this to the local hotels and clubs in a casual situation with some dinner, some dessert and some presentations,” she said.

“We’ve done this quite a lot around the state and the feedback is a bit of fun.

“So it’s not hard work for people to come along, they don’t have to participate any more than they feel like, so it’s just an evening of fun and learning at the same time.”

As first appeared on ABC News, 4 October 2012.


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