30th October 2013

Special Launch Edition


Veterans with PTSD turn to social media claiming vicitimisation from ADFTroops face mental health risks

Veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq struggling to seek psychological support are turning to social media to share their experiences and vent their anger. As troops return to Australia from their service, the battle scars are starting to show.


Mental Health Bill to be introduced in Parliament to provide stricter controls on use of ECT 207412-3x2-340x227

A new Mental Health Bill to be introduced to Parliament today will provide stricter controls on the use of electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), formerly referred to as electro-shock treatment. It is hoped the new bill will give family and carers a greater say on the treatment of their loved ones.


From small beginnings come great thingsCommissioner_V2

Queensland’s first ever Mental Health Commission started work on 1 July 2013. But how is a government body going to make a real difference in mental health and drug and alcohol reform?



CBT, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy found effective for Anorexiabigstock-depression-teen-girl-cried-lon-27260714

A large study has shown that outpatient psychotherapy is an effective treatment approach for adult women with anorexia. Investigators evaluated two new treatment strategies and compared the outcomes to a treatment as normal group.


Which symptoms of depression most hamper parenting?mother and daughter

Researchers at the University of Exeter have identified the symptoms of depression that are most likely linked to poor parenting.




Program offers hope to communities struggling with suicideDurum Wheat in Farmer's Hands

Rural communities grappling with suicide in NSW now have access to a new program that supports people with mental health problems. The NSW Government is trialling the resource at Hay in the western Riverina and Walgett in the state’s north-west.


Early intervention key to getting a grip on mental health woesdepressed man on steps

The importance of funding comprehensive youth mental health services is self-evident. Experts consistently tell us that all adult mental health problems first appear in adolescence.



Depression found in half of aged-care residentsbigstockphoto_Severe_Depression_3067531

More than half of permanent aged-care residents across the country show signs of depression. A report to be released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found that as of June last year, 52 per cent exhibited symptoms.