January 2015


Mental health is a global issue – here’s how neuroscience can cross international boundaries http://www.dreamstime.com/-image5867869

Neuroscience holds the key to understanding the brain – and to developing more effective treatments for people with mental health disorders. But if we are to translate the many neuroscience discoveries into better brain health and well-being for people globally, we will also need strategies and official recommendations on how these findings can be implemented



When your overwhelmed try these words –  Margarita Tartakovsky

I’m a person who tends to get triggered easily. It doesn’t take much to make me overwhelmed, to trigger the “what if?” “holy crap” pile of thoughts. I’ve gotten much better throughout the years, but lately it’s been tough with so many things to plan and do. So lately, I’ve been thinking of ways I can talk to myself without making matters worse.IMG_1976





Occupational therapy and mental health: ‘It’s not about basket weaving’

Jane Reynolds can’t imagine doing anything else: “I love working with people. I love hearing their stories. I love seeing how they can change their life with a bit of support.” She makes it sound easy, but as an occupational therapist (OT) working as a community forensic mental health practitioner, Reynolds is tasked with engaging some of the hardest to reach service users: people with severe mental disorders, including severe and enduring mental illness and personality disorder, usually with a history of violent crime.  _DSC6295








Psychiatric illnesses have more in common than we thought — which could be good news for treatment 

Schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder have more in common than previously thought.  depressed-middle-aged-man-11694144






‘My mental health detoriated rapidly’: the real impact of benefit sanctions

Edited extracts of written evidence to a recent House of Commons work and pensions select committee on the impact of benefit sanctions. silhouette-of-people_19-124382







Mindfulness can boost kids math scores, kindness, likability

A new social and emotional program with mindfulness techniques, called MindUp, has been shown to successfully help children become more caring and optimistic, improve their math scores and lower their stress levels. bigstockphoto_Four_Different_Sports_3591376