He Wants To Encourage People To Talk About Mental Illness. So He Talks About His Son

A former New Hampshire Supreme Court chief justice is visiting schools in New England to talk about the darkest time in his life. Usually he ends up hearing from students about some of their dark times, [...]

6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation

Attorneys and meditators Jeena Cho (left) and Karen Gifford (right). Photo Credit: Natalie Jenks When I tell people that I’m a lawyer who teaches other lawyers and professionals to practice mindfulness and meditation, I get a [...]

Mental health labels can save lives. But they can also destroy them

Like an overbearing partner, a diagnosis sometimes stops the patient finding a voice of their own  An important Lancet Psychiatry paper has just come out. It is the largest review looking at service user, carer and [...]

Loneliness can’t be ‘cured’. We must learn to find value in solitude

Instead of medicalising loneliness and calling it an epidemic, we need to find better ways of engaging with ourselves.  Loneliness – the sense of isolation, accompanied by the feeling of alienation – has always been a [...]

Why The Way We Talk About Suicide & Mental Health Matters

After I struggled to find proper help during a major depressive episode four years ago, I realized just how hard it is to talk about mental illness. I began to speak out in the only way [...]

Opioids bring a terrifying electro-cerebral silence you should avoid at any cost

I recently received the sad news that a colleague of mine had lost his daughter. Reading the obituary, I found out the cause. It was not shrouded in code, like “died suddenly” or “unexpectedly”. Her parents [...]

There should be no shame acknowledging the experience of depression and seeking help.

I recently read an article on Entrepreneur.com that said something that made me think. Dennis C. Miller wrote ‘depression isn’t a character flaw.’ Yet so many of us see it as exactly that: a flaw, a [...]

Mental Health Stigma Is A Silent Killer And Its Effect Is Catastrophic

We’ve probably all heard the statistic that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime and while this is indeed a significant number, what does that mean in our everyday lives?  To [...]

Mental health experts weigh in on the same-sex marriage bill

The results of the $122 million non-binding postal survey are in – 61 per cent of Australians support a change to marriage laws that would allow equal rights to same-sex couples. But even with this resounding [...]

Stigma surrounding mental health treatment is misguided, and can be costly

‘Stigma’ can often be a vague and misunderstood concept. Yet the existence of Halloween costumes portraying “mental patients” is a pretty concrete example of the stigma surrounding mental illness and its treatments. Following films like One [...]