Why The Way We Talk About Suicide & Mental Health Matters

After I struggled to find proper help during a major depressive episode four years ago, I realized just how hard it is to talk about mental illness. I began to speak out in the only way [...]

Opioids bring a terrifying electro-cerebral silence you should avoid at any cost

I recently received the sad news that a colleague of mine had lost his daughter. Reading the obituary, I found out the cause. It was not shrouded in code, like “died suddenly” or “unexpectedly”. Her parents [...]

There should be no shame acknowledging the experience of depression and seeking help.

I recently read an article on Entrepreneur.com that said something that made me think. Dennis C. Miller wrote ‘depression isn’t a character flaw.’ Yet so many of us see it as exactly that: a flaw, a [...]

Mental Health Stigma Is A Silent Killer And Its Effect Is Catastrophic

We’ve probably all heard the statistic that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime and while this is indeed a significant number, what does that mean in our everyday lives?  To [...]

Mental health experts weigh in on the same-sex marriage bill

The results of the $122 million non-binding postal survey are in – 61 per cent of Australians support a change to marriage laws that would allow equal rights to same-sex couples. But even with this resounding [...]

Stigma surrounding mental health treatment is misguided, and can be costly

‘Stigma’ can often be a vague and misunderstood concept. Yet the existence of Halloween costumes portraying “mental patients” is a pretty concrete example of the stigma surrounding mental illness and its treatments. Following films like One [...]

How to break a cycle of negative thoughts

We spend a lot of time thinking negatively. Nearly half our waking hours are spent thinking about something other than what we are doing – we ruminate on past disappointments, worry about the future, or recall [...]

Suicide prevention: we can’t leave prevention efforts to just gut feeling

As director of Australia’s largest suicide prevention trial, I approach late September each year with a rising sense of trepidation. This is when we receive the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, reporting on [...]

Anxiety and uncertainty in the age of the smartphone — and what we can do about it

Our culture has changed immensely as a result of the smartphone. Photo: Smartphones might be affecting our ability to deal with uncertainty. (Pixabay.com)   We can get reassurance for every doubt just by texting our friends. [...]

Can a library close a prison?

Spending on prisoners is a touchy subject. In a climate where public funds are limited and every dollar stretched to the limit, better facilities for corrective services often fall to the bottom of public shopping list. [...]