Rural families gain access to childhood behavioural support

For the first time, parents living in regional and remote NSW can gain access to vital early childhood behavioural support through an online help program, with UNSW researchers leading the push for permanent services. Parents in [...]

It’s time to give people the ability to call in on an off day

Ross Jones thought he was taking a big risk when he phoned his boss from the waiting room of a counselling service to tell him he would not be coming to work that day – or [...]

How Studying With Your Peers Can Improve Your Mental Health

Karra Harrington was in the middle of her PhD candidature when she realised her mental health could use a boost. Stress and a sense of isolation were beginning to take a toll, and Karra – who [...]

How to have difficult conversations around mental health comfortably

While record investment in mental health can only be a good thing, the recent announcement from the Victorian State budget only focuses on the treatment of mental health illnesses. We need to be taking more preventative [...]

The 6 Habits Mentally Fit People Practice

  Physical fitness gets a lot of attention, and for good reason — good physical health can prevent conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, and help you maintain a long, independent life. But often neglected [...]

How workplaces can improve mental health support

  How can we make mental health support more accessible to more people? One path is the workplace. Many employers today are putting more programs in place to support employees’ mental well-being. These include employee and [...]

Accepting your darkest emotions is the key to psychological health

Don’t give into the pressure to be overly positive. Studies show that accepting your negative emotions could help you to overcome symptoms of depression and anxiety, and achieve peace of mind. Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi poet, [...]

New $3.9m plan to fix ‘huge gaps’ in multicultural mental health

The federal government is spending $3.9 million on multicultural mental health. Source: Getty EXCLUSIVE: A new $3.9 million project will provide mental health support to Australians from multicultural backgrounds. Leading health and multicultural organisations are uniting to [...]

The top 10 mental health apps

Apps are available for everything these days — from shopping to entertainment and travel. Apps that claim to help look after your mental health and well-being are also available. So, we have selected the best apps [...]

Kids Hospitalized For Injuries Are More Likely To Have Mental Health Issues, New Study Finds

As a parent, I am in a constant state of worry over my son’s sense of adventure. Being an accident-prone person, I know how easily a simple exploration of a playground can turn into a painful [...]