To improve digital well-being, put your phone down and talk to people

Apple and Google recently announced features in their forthcoming mobile operating systems designed to “reduce interruptions and manage screen time.” Android and iOS users alike will soon be able to guard their sleep against digital temptations, [...]

Machine minds: can AI play a role in mental health therapy?

A welcome conversation surrounding mental health has arisen but as more people make the decision to reach out, too few find a supportive hand. Not a week passes without a report on Ireland’s mental health system, [...]

YouTube expands its ‘digital wellbeing’ tools to track time spent watching videos

KIEV, UKRAINE – August 25: Different popular social media icons in a group folder on android smartphone homescreen, in Kiev, Ukraine, on August 25, 2014. Google today is expanding YouTube’s set of “digital wellbeing” tools, with [...]

Analysis: Mental health apps overdiagnose, steer toward self-help

While the use of mental health apps has been on the rise, researchers of a recent analysis published by the Annals of Family Medicine, which is broadly critical of these platforms, worry that these apps could [...]

Managing Your Social Media Intake (Without Quitting It Completely)

Research shows that social media use actually releases dopamine in the brain, just like food, sex, or drugs. It is no wonder that so many people feel that they are “addicted” to social media, and feel [...]

Are smartphones causing more teen suicides?

Increases in depression and suicide appeared among teens in 2012 – the same time smartphone ownership became the norm Around 2012, something started going wrong in the lives of teens. In just the five years between [...]

How to support friends through their mental health struggles

Bristol University students and representatives have spoken up about the student mental health crisis and the state of provisions at the university. While student activists continue to push for better support, there are things we can [...]

Five Free Apps For Mental Health And Well-Being

It is normal to be stressed, it is ok to feel worried and anxious, because it is just life. Isn’t this what we all sometimes say? Life is busy, and life is stressful. But, it doesn’t [...]

How your smart watch will monitor depression

Exercise trackers and smartphones could flag psychological distress amongst mental health patients even when they’re not actively engaging with psychologists. That’s according to Flinders University researchers who are recruiting more than 500 participants to follow on [...]

Why Do You Constantly Reach For Your Phone?

  Whether you’re waiting for a train, commercials to end or the oven to finish preheating, you likely kill those brief moments by mindlessly scrolling or swiping across your phone screen. You’re not alone in this [...]