Burn notice: How two-thirds of working parents suffer from burnout

More than 60 per centof working mothers and fathers have experienced burnout according to a survey of 2,000 people by the Business Performance Innovation Network (BPI) and PollFish. Of the parents who reported this, 40 per cent [...]

Four ways having a pet increases your lifespan

Pet owners will often swear their beloved pooch or moggie does wonders for their wellbeing, and now we have empirical proof. A new study has found dog ownership is linked to improved heart health for humans. [...]

To reduce stress and anxiety, write your happy thoughts down

Writing about positive emotions may help to reduce stress and anxiety, according to our new study, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology. Earlier research has also found that writing about negative emotions – getting [...]

Loneliness Found to Be High in Public Senior Housing Communities

Older adults living in public senior housing communities experience a large degree of loneliness, finds a new study from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. Nevertheless, senior housing communities may be ideal locations [...]

When meditation fails. Five alternative ways to calm your anxious mind.

Interest in meditation and mindfulness as ways to reduce stress have exploded in popularity, and they’re great tools to have in your mental health toolkit. But what if these techniques don’t work for you? Here are some [...]

Working From Home: It’s Great for You and For Business

I watch a lot of TEDTalks and recently came across this delightful one, “Go Ahead, Tell Your Boss You Are Working From Home” by Nicholas Bloom, a William Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University. Bloom [...]

Why getting motivated is hard (and how to do it anyway)

As a trainer, I consider it a personal failure if I’m unable to motivate a client to make important health and lifestyle changes. Sure, there are people who just don’t care, but I can spot them [...]

Tips For Getting Out of Bed When You Feel Depressed

If you struggle with depression, you may need some tips for getting out of bed. Have you ever felt so depressed that it’s hard to even get out of bed in the morning? Although I have gotten [...]

Marrying Mindfulness And Movement Reduces Stress, Boosts Mood

Mindfulness meditation is well-known to reduce stress and anxiety—so is moving the body. Put the two together, a new study from Penn State University reports, and the mental health benefits may be that much stronger. Since [...]

What are the links between homelessness and mental health?

Homelessness can also cause mental ill-health due in part to poor living conditions, isolation and uncertainty Photo source: Big Issue Stigma around mental illness still persists. But the stigma towards homeless people and mental ill-health seems to [...]