Stigma Reduction

Here’s a mental health workout that’s as simple as ABC

While we take physical workouts very seriously, there is much less said about the “workouts” that help us remain mentally agile and healthy. But just as with physical health, there are simple and practical ways that [...]

For Many with Severe Mental Illness, Spirituality Plays Role in Well-Being

A majority of young adults with severe mental illness, such as major depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, consider religion and spirituality relevant to their mental health, according to a new study published in the journal Spirituality [...]

How relationships affect health and wellbeing

Valentine’s Day puts love on the brain. Throughout the world, people dedicate the day to celebrating relationships. But we ought to be paying more attention to them, researchers say. Relationships are important to our health and [...]

Inquiry into mental health of emergency service workers hears of ‘the bucket’

It does not need to be a major trauma incident — in fact, it could be something as minor as a stubbed toe. But that could be enough to make an emergency service worker spill over, [...]

More Australians are asking each other this important question

It is a difficult question, but four in five Australians have tried to ask it in the past year. Statistics from mental health organisation RU OK? released today revealed 81 per cent of people have found [...]

Survey reveals lack of mental health understanding in regional areas

A third of country people who are suffering moderate to high psychological distress don’t think they have a mental health problem according to the Australian Journal of Rural Health. Two and a half thousand people were surveyed from across [...]

How To Talk To Your Family About Your Mental Health — Especially If They Don’t “Get” It

Sometimes, the hardest part of living with a mental illness isn’t the symptoms, or the management — it’s dealing with stigma from other people. And unfortunately, many people who live with mental illness face stigma from [...]

Breaking The Mental Health Stigma And Culture Of Silence That Still Exists For Entrepreneurs

It’s easier than you think for poor workplaces to affect mental health. Photo: Caio Triana, Pixabay ‘There’s a stigma about mental health conditions that really should not be there,’ Dr. Michael Freeman told us emphatically in [...]

Monitoring whole-school mental health practices

A new survey has been developed to help schools evaluate the effectiveness of school-wide programs they’ve implemented. The Survey of School Promotion of Emotional and Social Health (SSPESH) is designed to specifically assist schools in understanding [...]

Two grandsons lost to suicide as inquiry hears regional mental health services lacking

Florence Bolton has known all too well the pain of losing a loved one after two of her grandsons died by suicide. A retired teacher and Goreng-Noongar elder, Mrs Bolton is a respected figure in her [...]