Stigma Reduction

Parents And Teachers Must Be Supported To Do More For Children’s Mental Health

We often believe children are resilient, that they aren’t affected too much by life events. And yet we see increasing mental health needs in children as young as four. There is no doubt that our children [...]

Why having a conversation about mental health in the workplace might not be so simple

For many people experiencing mental health difficulties, fear of the stigma associated with conditions can affect how they relate to others. This fear is not just limited to social interactions, it can affect all aspects of [...]

7 Ways Loneliness, And Connectedness, Affect Mental Health

Loneliness is finally starting to get at least some of the attention it deserves—we may not be as “on it” as other countries, like the U.K. with its Minister for Loneliness, but we’re getting there. Like [...]

Your Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

In a fit of anxiety, or in the throes of a panic attack, our minds sometimes chastise us for being so anxious. Our brains are consumed with worries, fears, and thoughts of going crazy, and our [...]

Can picture books meet the crisis in children’s mental health?

With more and more children seeking psychological help, Matt Haig is one of a wave of authors trying to reach troubled youngsters with stories Matt Haig is feeling hopeful. His first ever illustrated story, The Truth [...]

Fans gather for royals and mental health

Royal fans have flocked to Bondi Beach in Sydney for a chance to meet Prince Harry and Meghan and were impressed with their openness on mental health. Royal fans dressed in neon lycra and brightly-coloured leis [...]

The men’s mental health crisis Australia can no longer ignore — six male suicides a day

Australia is in the midst of a men’s mental health crisis, with three times as many blokes as women taking their lives each day.Source:Getty Images TODAY in Australia, six men will take their own lives. They’re [...]

The burden of mental health could cost $23 trillion by 2030

The burden of mental illness has risen ‘dramatically’ worldwide in the past 25 years, yet ‘no country is investing enough’ according to the report. Mental health disorders are on the rise in every country in the [...]

How our residential aged-care system doesn’t care about older people’s emotional needs

All humans have fundamental needs. These are physiological (food, drink, clothing, sleep), safety (emotional security, physical safety, health), love and belonging (friendships, community), esteem (respect, dignity) and self-actualisation (accomplishment, personal development). For people living in Australia’s [...]

The toxic legacy of parent shaming – and the damage it does to children

Intensive parenting has become the latest target of parent shaming. Having been instructed to constantly supervise their children, parents are now being lectured about the dangers of doing just that. Those who “over-parent” their offspring are [...]