Stigma Reduction

Suicidal teens suffer poor sleep, bullying

Family trauma, bullying, poor sleep and living in a single-parent home have been identified as common risk factors for suicidal behaviour among Australian adolescents. Researchers at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute reviewed all admissions to the [...]

Rural families gain access to childhood behavioural support

For the first time, parents living in regional and remote NSW can gain access to vital early childhood behavioural support through an online help program, with UNSW researchers leading the push for permanent services. Parents in [...]

Women need to know about the link between the pill and depression

The introduction of the contraceptive pill in the 1960s was a major milestone for female empowerment. It allowed women to separate sex from procreation, and to increase their participation in work outside the home. Now, more [...]

It’s time to give people the ability to call in on an off day

Ross Jones thought he was taking a big risk when he phoned his boss from the waiting room of a counselling service to tell him he would not be coming to work that day – or [...]

We need to address the socioeconomic causes of mental health issues if we really want to tackle the problem

In 2018, mental health and psychological distress are high on the agenda. And this is great progress. The increased awareness of mental health issues and the willingness to discuss them that we are currently seeing is [...]

Mental health distress more prevalent among FIFO workers than general community

Psychological distress is significantly more prevalent in the remote mining and construction workforce than in the general community, new research has found. Social isolation, roster patterns and the strain on relationships are all adding to the [...]

New $3.9m plan to fix ‘huge gaps’ in multicultural mental health

The federal government is spending $3.9 million on multicultural mental health. Source: Getty EXCLUSIVE: A new $3.9 million project will provide mental health support to Australians from multicultural backgrounds. Leading health and multicultural organisations are uniting to [...]

Mental health labels can save lives. But they can also destroy them

Like an overbearing partner, a diagnosis sometimes stops the patient finding a voice of their own  An important Lancet Psychiatry paper has just come out. It is the largest review looking at service user, carer and [...]

Trial tackles FIFO depression

A mental health program focused on alleviating the mental health stresses felt by fly-in, fly-out workers in an attempt to address on-site depression and anxiety is being trialled at one of the Goldfields’ major gold mines. [...]

14 Magic Phrases to Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

When your mind is racing with all your stressors and fears, take a deep breath and repeat one of these sayings. Find one that feels true to you, so that you can get back to a [...]