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Second Victoria police suicide in a week puts spotlight on officers’ mental health

Victoria police has confirmed a police officer took his own life on Wednesday night, making it the second suicide within the state’s police force in one week. In a statement, Victoria police said it was “extremely [...]

More than a third of Christians have suffered mental health issues

More than a third of Christians have suffered mental health issues, according to a survey by Christian Research to coincide with World Mental Health Day. Over 35 per cent had experienced some form of mental health issue [...]

Police force grapples with mental health and guns

A veteran police officer charged with murder had an extensive history of psychiatric problems, which has raised further concerns about Victoria Police’s handling of mental illness and its policies surrounding access to firearms. The suicide of [...]

‘I felt terrified all the time’: A mother’s experience of postnatal depression

When Erin Palmbas fell pregnant in 2010, she was excited to be a mother for the first time and to finally have the baby boy she had always wanted. But once he was born, she struggled [...]

Q&A Mental Health Week special: sufferers and psychologists join panel

Stigma, suicide and schizophrenia were all discussed by a group of mental illness sufferers and psychologists for a special Q&A in celebration of mental health month. “What does it take to make society appreciate that mental [...]

Unemployment takes its toll on young people’s mental health

Young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) are committed to working but vulnerable to experiencing mental health problems, according to a new study by researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & [...]

Perth comedian Joel Creasey stands up for mental health

THREE simple words: “How are you?” That’s all it takes. Yet Perth comedian Joel Creasey will always regret never asking them. Just days before TV personality Charlotte Dawson took her own life early last year, she [...]

Should workplaces be educating employees about mental illness?

Mental illness costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion every year, with about 12 million days lost to reduced productivity annually, begging the question of why workplaces aren’t doing more to educate employees about the issue. Mental [...]

Hotspot barriers reduce suicides: research

INSTALLING barriers and safety nets at suicide hotspots can reduce the number of deaths at the sites by more than 90 per cent. AND the number also appeared to be significantly lowered by installing signs and [...]

Child sexual abuse victims at ‘greater risk’ of suicide under planned Medicare changes

Child sexual abuse survivors will be at greater risk of suicide under planned Medicare changes that will increase health costs because they will not be able to afford mental health treatment, psychiatrists say. The Medicare safety net [...]