Julia Gillard: simplicity ‘key to mental health’

Julia Gillard is urging people to adopt a simple approach to improving their mental health, warning against short-term fixes that are particularly prevalent when a new year dawns. In a message posted yesterday on the website [...]

Young people’s concerns around mental health have doubled in two years, survey finds

Young people are much more concerned about mental health than they were two years ago, according to the latest Mission Australia report. The survey of 28,000 people found mental health was the top issue facing Australia [...]

Biggest ever study of police, emergency worker mental health finds distress, suicidal thoughts crisis

Police and emergency service workers report suicidal thoughts twice as often as other adults and are three times more likely to have a suicide plan. Groundbreaking new research released today by Beyond Blue will also show [...]

Encouraging older Australians to connect this festive season – PART ONE

For many older Australians, Christmas can be a difficult time where they feel lonely and isolated from their community. Taking the time to check in and engage with elderly loved ones this festive season could do [...]

How physical activity in Australian schools can help prevent depression in young people

Adolescence is a critical time for the development of mental health problems. In fact, depression is most likely to occur during adolescence and young adulthood. It’s the leading cause of disability in young people worldwide. At [...]

The problem with using psychoanalysis on children

Children with problems or problem children? That is the question often asked by parents and teachers alike. If a child is naughty in school, are they a “bad” child or are they facing mental ill health? [...]

Mental health added to impact of climate change as global damage grows

Rising temperatures are leading to increased levels of stress, worsening anxiety and depression, and even suicide in the most extreme cases in Australia. Scientists have identified for the first time an association between mean annual maximum [...]

Using technology-enabled mental health treatments for Type 2 diabetes

Sarah Bateup analyses how technology-enabled mental health treatments could be used to help those with Type 2 diabetes A growing number of studies have indicated that patients with diabetes are more likely to experience common mental [...]

No butts – it’s time to help people with mental health conditions quit smoking

Australians with mental health conditions are more than twice as likely to be smokers as the general population. About 22% of people with a mental health condition smoke daily compared to a national rate under 13%. [...]

How to avoid gift-giving anxiety

Do you fear what I fear? A minefield of disappointments, hurt feelings, and overwhelm. Add the mindboggling over-spending. Throw in a big heap of indecision. Gift-giving anxiety is rampant. It sucks playing Santa! So many to [...]