How domestic violence affects women’s mental health

Every week in Australia, a woman is murdered by someone she knows. And it’s usually an intimate male partner or ex-partner. One in three women has suffered physical violence since the age of 15. In most [...]

One overlooked way we can significantly improve our mental health: more nature

Our mental health often feels like a mystery. A cheerful mood can inexplicably give way to sad or scary thoughts. Even though we might try to manage our emotional well-being through things like talk therapy, self-care [...]

Here’s How To Effectively Talk To Your Kids About Depression

Nearly 20 years later, I still remember the struggle of growing up with a parent who had depression. As a child, I didn’t understand what my mother was going through. I remember her seeking treatment and asking my [...]

For people at risk of mental illness, having access to treatment early can help

How can we best help Australians who are at risk of developing a mental health disorder? A new recommendation to expand the Better Access initiative would open up government-subsidised psychological care to this effect. The recommendation [...]

When is Mindful Eating an effective strategy for Eating Disorders?

Mindful Eating is often promoted and supported in the treatment of eating disorders. It is important to point out though that the majority of research and evidence for mindful eating has been focused on overeating, bulimia [...]

One in five NSW high school kids suffers “severe” deprivation of life’s essentials

It’s tough for any high school student these days. Social media, the uncertainties of adolescence, trying to fit in – trying to figure out who you are. Then imagine what it’s like for kids whose home [...]

More maternal and child health nurse visits help mothers and babies thrive

Increasing the number of maternal and child health nurse visits to new mothers facing adversity can significantly improve parenting and maternal wellbeing Like most mums, my memories of the first few days of parenthood are foggy. [...]

Better health care can ‘make economic sense’

A major new South Australian research group focusing on improving aged, disability and public health care models is commencing at Flinders University this year. Targeting better cost-effective solutions, the experts in health economics include two new [...]

Meditation’s health benefits get the royal seal of approval

If anybody needs the mind-calming benefits of meditation right now, it’s probably Prince Harry. After a whirlwind 12 months that has seen him marry Meghan Markle, endure endless speculation about a family rift between him and [...]

Fact check: does mindfulness improve mental health?

Hundreds of children in England will be taught mindfulness techniques in one of the largest trials of its kind in the world, the government announced this month. The study, running at 370 schools in the country [...]