Exercise seems to help alleviate depression, but not for everybody

I hear it often: A friend swears that her running practice staves off bouts of low spirits. Another says going to the gym before work keeps him mentally steady. Perhaps you’ve heard similar stories; perhaps you [...]

How mindfulness meditation works — and changes the brain’s architecture

It’s touted to relieve pain, lower stress and anxiety, and bolster cognitive performance, but does the practice of mindfulness physically change the brain — and if so, how do we know? Key points: Meditation practices that [...]

Poor mental health linked to rising rates of chronic disease

New research led by researchers from The University of Western Australia suggests that poor mental health may be behind an increase in chronic disease in Australia. The study, published in Social Science & Medicine, established strong [...]

Online therapies can improve mental health, and there are no barriers to accessing them

In recent weeks, the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Tasforce’s Mental Health Reference Group published its report and recommendations, part of a wide-ranging review of services subsidised by Medicare. They recommended a massive expansion of the $1.5 [...]

A path to wellbeing: the growing world of gardening therapy

Horticultural therapists reveal how outdoor projects help to support physical and mental health Horticultural therapist Thomas Erskine enjoys a “sense of connection” when he works outdoors. Being wholly absorbed in an activity – taking in the [...]

This diet can be key to improving your mental health

Eating the right foods can help you in ways you never thought possible, an Israeli nutritionist says. How much impact does nutrition have on our mental health? There’s a wealth of research on the link between [...]

Growing up in a green area may help support mental health

New research from Aarhus University in Denmark suggests that people who have grown up in close contact with nature are much less likely to develop mental health problems in adulthood than peers who had less access [...]

What Is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy And How Can It Improve Mental Health?

It helps boost general happiness, even if you don’t need it for clinical treatment. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT is a type of psychotherapy that helps change unhealthy habits of thinking, feeling or behaving. CBT is [...]

How to take care of your mental health while travelling

Travelling is meant to be an exciting, refreshing and overall enjoyable experience — and most of the time it is. Leaving your world to immerse yourself in another, discovering new places, and learning about new customs [...]

‘Traditional masculinity’ and mental health: Experts call for gendered approach to treatment

Australia’s peak body for psychologists says it will consider developing new practice guidelines for psychologists working with boys and men after the American Psychological Association announced its own set of guidelines for the group last month. [...]