Should You Trust An App With Your Mental Health?

With long NHS waiting lists for talking therapies, many of those living with mental health problems are turning to apps as an alternative solution, but could they be exacerbating the problem? Over the last two years [...]

The Lifestyle and Digital Health Trends for 2019

The Living in Digital Times news conference at CES gives us a preview of the digital health and fitness trends for 2019. ‘ At the Living in Digital Times press conference at CES 2019, we saw [...]

Importance of an infant mental health approach to sleep

It’s the age-old question for every sleep deprived parent: what is the best way to get your baby settled and off to sleep? From controlled crying, co-sleeping, self-settling to “no crying” sleep strategies, there is a [...]

Inside Facebook’s suicide algorithm: Here’s how the company uses artificial intelligence to predict your mental state from your posts

In March 2017, Facebook launched an ambitious project to prevent suicide with artificial intelligence. Following a string of suicides that were live-streamed on the platform, the effort to use an algorithm to detect signs of potential [...]

5 wellness apps to help you cultivate positive mental health

Our busy schedules don’t always allow us to drop into a much-needed gym or therapy session. but that’s no excuse to make your personal wellness any less of a priority. Luckily, there’s an app for almost everything, [...]

Using technology-enabled mental health treatments for Type 2 diabetes

Sarah Bateup analyses how technology-enabled mental health treatments could be used to help those with Type 2 diabetes A growing number of studies have indicated that patients with diabetes are more likely to experience common mental [...]

No butts – it’s time to help people with mental health conditions quit smoking

Australians with mental health conditions are more than twice as likely to be smokers as the general population. About 22% of people with a mental health condition smoke daily compared to a national rate under 13%. [...]

To improve digital well-being, put your phone down and talk to people

Apple and Google recently announced features in their forthcoming mobile operating systems designed to “reduce interruptions and manage screen time.” Android and iOS users alike will soon be able to guard their sleep against digital temptations, [...]

Machine minds: can AI play a role in mental health therapy?

A welcome conversation surrounding mental health has arisen but as more people make the decision to reach out, too few find a supportive hand. Not a week passes without a report on Ireland’s mental health system, [...]

YouTube expands its ‘digital wellbeing’ tools to track time spent watching videos

KIEV, UKRAINE – August 25: Different popular social media icons in a group folder on android smartphone homescreen, in Kiev, Ukraine, on August 25, 2014. Google today is expanding YouTube’s set of “digital wellbeing” tools, with [...]