Research identifies all the different ways the sea supports human wellbeing

A study led by the University of Liverpool that catalogued all of the links between marine biodiversity and the different ways we rely on the sea found more than 30 ways it supports well-being including providing [...]

$6.3m to help drought-stricken farmers suffering mental health issues

As farmers continue to battle what some have described as the worst drought in living memory, the New South Wales Government has today announced a funding boost for mental health services. Drought-affected communities across NSW will [...]

Lack of planning for mental health patients leaving hospital is putting lives at risk, experts warn

Experts are concerned many mental health patients are leaving hospitals without support and it is putting them at greater risk of suicide. Shortly after Craig Dixon was discharged from a Darwin mental health ward in 2016 [...]

Five types of food to increase your psychological well-being

Eating healthy food is good for our mental health and can decrease our risk of depression and anxiety. We all know eating “healthy” food is good for our physical health and can decrease our risk of [...]

Living meaningfully with mental illness: Experiences during mental health recovery

A recent study sought to understand the concept of living well with mental illness, focusing on the complex process of recovery. There is growing evidence that mental illnesses like schizophrenia are not life-long as they were [...]

How To Talk To Your Family About Your Mental Health — Especially If They Don’t “Get” It

Sometimes, the hardest part of living with a mental illness isn’t the symptoms, or the management — it’s dealing with stigma from other people. And unfortunately, many people who live with mental illness face stigma from [...]

Breaking The Mental Health Stigma And Culture Of Silence That Still Exists For Entrepreneurs

It’s easier than you think for poor workplaces to affect mental health. Photo: Caio Triana, Pixabay ‘There’s a stigma about mental health conditions that really should not be there,’ Dr. Michael Freeman told us emphatically in [...]

Monitoring whole-school mental health practices

A new survey has been developed to help schools evaluate the effectiveness of school-wide programs they’ve implemented. The Survey of School Promotion of Emotional and Social Health (SSPESH) is designed to specifically assist schools in understanding [...]

Two grandsons lost to suicide as inquiry hears regional mental health services lacking

Florence Bolton has known all too well the pain of losing a loved one after two of her grandsons died by suicide. A retired teacher and Goreng-Noongar elder, Mrs Bolton is a respected figure in her [...]

The urges and angst of obsessive compulsive disorder

Timothy Hillier was only seven when he began to obsess about his pillow and its position on his bed. Was it lying in the exact middle from the edges of the mattress? Were its corners aligned [...]