8 Signs You’re Struggling With High-Functioning Anxiety

Despite it being the most common mental health condition in Australia, with one in three women affected, there are plenty of misconceptions around anxiety.  Sufferers are typically thought to be paralysed by panic attacks and withdrawn from the world, [...]

Mental health system is ‘broken’: new voice calls for change

Rachael Stevens believes she overcame her severe mental health issues “despite the treatment I was given,” and now she’s ready to tell the country’s most powerful politicians that the system needs to change. Ms Stevens was [...]

Senate to tackle mental health crisis in the bush with new inquiry

We all know the shocking stats – people who live outside the major cities in Australia suffer from higher rates of mental illness, self-harm and suicide. In fact, if you live in a remote area, you’re [...]

Five Self-Care Activities for New Job Stress

Self-care activities for new job stress will help you ease into a new workplace. Starting anything new can be nerve-racking. Jobs are no exception. Even if you have prior experience with the type of work you are [...]

Loneliness is not just an issue in old age – young people suffer too

In old age, many people experience a decline in their physical health, which can mean they are less confident about getting around and socialising as they used to. Loneliness affects over a million older adults across [...]

If you suffer from mild depression, saffron may be able to help

The world’s most expensive spice, saffron, is proving its worth, well beyond the kitchen. A few years back, scientists discovered that saffron was a promising natural antidepressant option for adults with mild depression. Now, Murdoch University researchers [...]

Too many Australians living in nursing homes take their own lives

Around 140 Australian nursing-home residents took their own lives between 2000 and 2013, our new study shows. Published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, the study is the first to examine the number and patterns [...]

How technology is helping Australia tackle youth mental health

Did you know that research has shown that the speed of typing on your mobile phone can be a predictor of depression? As more young Australians deal with mental health issues, technology is playing a greater [...]

Tradies Create Colourful Workwear To Raise Awareness About Mental Health

When you think about uniforms for labourers, there isn’t much thought that goes into it. For most, hi-vis or monochromatic shirts coupled with old footy shorts seem to be the go-to. But now two Brisbane tradies [...]

Expert advice to help stressed-out kids and their parents

If you have an anxious child, it’s important to acknowledge that anxiety at a clinical level is a cause of genuine distress to the child and their worries and fears are real. Here are some ways [...]