Using technology-enabled mental health treatments for Type 2 diabetes

Sarah Bateup analyses how technology-enabled mental health treatments could be used to help those with Type 2 diabetes A growing number of studies have indicated that patients with diabetes are more likely to experience common mental [...]

How to avoid gift-giving anxiety

Do you fear what I fear? A minefield of disappointments, hurt feelings, and overwhelm. Add the mindboggling over-spending. Throw in a big heap of indecision. Gift-giving anxiety is rampant. It sucks playing Santa! So many to [...]

Holidays hike heart attack risk

Research from Sweden found that traditional holidays are associated with an increased risk of heart attack. Whether it’s the stress of choosing the right gift, drinking and eating too much, or fighting with relatives about politics, [...]

latest LEGO set targets adults to improve their mental wellbeing

LEGO is on a mission to reduce stress and anxiety among adults. the danish toymaker’s latest range – called forma – incorporates sturdy rods and parts to build the skeleton of a fish, combining this with [...]

People are paying to cuddle cows in the name of mental health

How hard do you wellness? Do you indulge in the occasional turmeric latte and visit your local organic markets? Or are you more inclined to sign up for goat yoga class, take off on a dark [...]

Being detained under the Mental Health Act drove me to improve care

My friend tried to kill himself when we were in the same psychiatric unit. Now I support others in similar situations I was awoken by the sound of gasps and bangs coming from the bedroom next [...]

A Psychologist’s 8 Strategies for Less Stress at Christmas

For most of us the holidays are heart warming, fun filled events but the lead up can be stressful. Family dynamics, financial demands, and the sheer volume of extra activity are among the top stressors. To [...]

Probiotics for improving mental health

Science finds probiotics improve mental health and reduce risks of cardiovascular disease. The microbes in the gut produce neuroactive compounds that connect to the brain, affecting behavior and mood. There are more than 100 million neurons [...]

How pets improve mental health issues, from depression to PTSD

Cuddle power should not be underestimated: a growing raft of studies shows that furry friends can help people experiencing a host of issues The comforting padding of feet across the otherwise silent house, the welcoming nudge of wet nose on arm and [...]

15 Mental Health Boosting Plant-Based Recipes for the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year. Between family reunions, shopping for gifts, and traveling, we can become really overwhelmed. However, the holidays are a wonderful time of the year and we can [...]