Exercise seems to help alleviate depression, but not for everybody

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Could daydreaming be the path to greater creativity and mental health?

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How mindfulness meditation works — and changes the brain’s architecture

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‘If it wasn’t for pole I don’t think I’d be here’: Mother explains how pole dancing saved her life after her daughter’s suicide

When Jenny Green watched her daughter, Jacalyn Williams, pole dancing, she never imagined it would one day be her up on stage. But, all that changed less than two years ago, when Jacalyn took her own [...]

‘It was a feeling of defeat’: the real signs of workplace burnout

When Melbourne veterinarian Dr Nicola* told her boss she was struggling in the face of an unrelenting caseload, she said her concerns weren’t taken seriously. Dr Nicola said overtime was frequent and expected. The constant pressure [...]

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Could throwing yourself into a new activity bring inner happiness?

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When it comes to mental health forget the wellness trends and just keep moving to feel your best

Ten years ago, the wellness industry was far removed from the $4.2 trillion market it is today. Frame was one of the first fitness studios of its kind to open in London, offering fitness classes for [...]

Surf therapy offering hope, healing and a different approach to mental health treatment

The way Layne Beachley describes being in the ocean makes it sound like an almost religious experience. “Diving in the ocean, I feel this sense of being cleansed from my head all the way down to [...]