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Mental health patients share their experiences to call for an end to stigma

Louis Collenette, 24, was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) eight years ago. From a young age he felt he had to repeat certain tasks to prevent disastrous consequences. Four was his safe number. If he [...]

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our mental health, experts say

As a provincial coroner and past palliative care physician, Dr. David Ouchterlony has seen suffering and death up close, experiences that have occasionally led to brief moments of sadness. But Ouchterlony describes such emotions as “trivial” [...]

Transgender Kids With Family Support Can Have Good Mental Health

A new study has found that transgender children who have the support of their families have positive mental health, with rates of depression and anxiety no higher than a control group of children. The findings challenge [...]

Once-popular party drug ketamine now used to treat severe depression

It was in November 2012 that Dennis Hartman, a Seattle business executive, managed to pull himself out of bed, force himself to shower for the first time in days and board a plane that would carry [...]

Research links prenatal stress to babies’ health in war zones

Children from war-torn areas of the globe are affected by trauma even before they are born, according to a new University of Florida study. To gather their results, researchers went to the eastern Democratic Republic of [...]

Depression increases with age: study

People get more depressed after the age of 65, says an English study using data on older Australians. It’s the first to show depressive symptoms continue to increase throughout old age, says lead researcher Dr Helena [...]

Government urged to continue supporting mental health program

There are calls for the Federal Government to continue funding a program that is making a massive difference for people with severe and persistent mental illness. Hunter Partners in Recovery aims to better support people with [...]

Marital Issues May Give Rise to Different Emotions in Men & Women

Researchers have found that when a long marriage has troubles, women worry, become sad and get frustrated. For men, it’s sheer frustration and not much more. The study appears in the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, and [...]

Expert calls for mental health shake-up

Mental health sufferers are stigmatised by the professionals that are supposed to be caring for them, according to a globally-renowned expert calling for a shake-up of the system. Professor Mike Slade, from King’s College London’s Institute [...]

Snapchat Promises the Most Positive Mood Among Social Media Platforms

According to a recent online study, Snapchat promises the most positive mood and social enjoyment out of all the social media platforms, including Facebook. The University of Michigan study found that there’s only one interaction that [...]