Technology — 25 October 2012

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness, affecting more than two million adult Australians every year. This medical condition can take a number of forms, but all are distressing and can interfere with our ability to enjoy a fulfilling life.

The national mental health charity, SANE Australia, has now launched an app – available from the Apple App Store –  to help people to manage their anxiety. Talking Anxiety aims to give people knowledge and confidence to manage the day-to-day challenges of living with an anxiety disorder, by providing access to the experiences of others.

‘What makes the Talking Anxiety app pioneering is the storytelling. Users of the app gain understanding and support from the first-hand accounts of others who’ve ‘been there’ and share the techniques they’ve discovered to manage their symptoms,’ explains SANE Australia CEO Jack Heath.

Developed in partnership with RealTime Health, Talking Anxiety uses video, quizzes to test progress, and Daily Tips sent direct to your iPhone or iPad.

‘People can carry the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of their peers in their pocket,’ says Tina Campbell, Real Time Health’s Managing Director.

Research tells us that many people with an anxiety disorder don’t seek help because they feel their concerns won’t be taken seriously.

‘We also know that up to four in five Australians now turn to the web for health information, so we need to use online and mobile technologies so people can get support when and how they want to,’ Mr Heath explains.

The app has four modules, ‘Understanding anxiety’, ‘What helps’, ‘How to help yourself’ and ‘How family and friends can help’.

Users describe it as ‘innovative, informative and insightful’, and say ‘it’s great that it breaks things down simply and succinctly’.

The app it the latest addition to a suite of tools on anxiety disorders developed by SANE Australia including the SANE Guide to Anxiety Disorders, an eBook version of the Guide, a brochure with key information, and a DVD Kit.

‘Its important people understand that the App provides information and support. It doesn’t provide specific advice, including diagnosis, which is usually made by a GP,’ Mr Heath adds.

Talking Anxiety is available from the iTunes AppStore for $2.99

SANE Media Release, 25 October 2012


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